Re di Visciola – Wild cherry wine


Our “Re di Visciola“, Wild cherry wine, is a typical drink of the Marche. It’s born in the absolute respect for tradition, keeping the original recipe.
It’s characterized for its ruby red color with purple reflections, intense aroma of red fruits, It’s delicious and pleasing to the palate.
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It’s a traditional drink of our region, that comes from the union of sour cherries and the red wine locally produced (mix of Sangiovese and Montepulciano grapes).
It goes perfectly with chocolate, sweets and desserts of all kinds up to dry biscuits.

Sensory analysis:

Color: Rubin red with purple reflections.
Boquet: Intense aroma of red fruits, like cherry and strwberry with a stron pleasant hint of wild cherry.
Taste: Elegant and smoothly at the same time, with a bittersweet taste.

Ruby red with purple reflections


11,5% Vol




Red wine, wild cherries (30%), sugar.