Regina di Visciola – Wild cherry ancestral


Our “Regina di Visciola“, the Wild cherry sparkling wine, is a creation that revisit the typical drink of the Marche. It’s born in the absolute respect for tradition, trying to make this beloved fruit taste to who ins’t a swtness lover.
It’s characterized for its bright pink color that tends to red, intense aroma of red fruits, It’s delicious and pleasing to the palate with its fine bubble and never invasive. Its sapidity and acidity replace the typical sweet note, but they bring out the typical characteristic of the fresh fruit.
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It’s our creation and new interpretation in key of our region, making it exalt the fresh wild cherry taste: sapid and sour. A mix of taste and flavors that makes you appreciate the wild cherry not only with deserts, because the sweetness has been replaced by the sapidity.
It matches perfectly with typical italian appetizers, but also with raw food like sushi or pizza. To try as base for cocktails.

Sensory analysis:

Color: Bright pink color, that tend to red
Boquet: Delicate aromas of red fruits, like cherry and strwberry with a strong pleasant hint of wild cherry.
Taste: The delicate and elegant bubble, the sapidity and the right acidity goes with an intense wild cherry aftertaste.

Bright pink, tends to red


12,5% Vol




Wine (contains sulphites) , wild cherries (1,7%), sugar.